December 2011 Christmas Newsletter

December 2011 

Merry Christmas

From Mighty Oak Ministries

I want to wish each of you a very happy and holy Christmas. I appreciate your support during the past year. It’s been a privilege to serve so many of you in so many ways – prayer, conferences, workshops, classes, books, and personal ministry. Below are some thoughts for you to ponder as we move into the new year.


What is Maturity?

Recently my Jewish doctor of 25 years asked what I do. (Nope, he had never asked). I told him I have a small ministry to help people grow and mature in their faith. He asked, “What do you mean by maturity?” Good question! No one had ever asked me that question before!
When I think of a person growing deeply, healing progressively, and maturing splendidly, I find the beliefs undergirding this ministry, based on years of my own healing as well as ministering to more people than I can count.

First we need to grow deeply. That means we need to be rooted in the Word of God. The roots both stabilize and nourish the mighty oak. The stronger the roots, the stronger the tree. Weak roots, the tree can’t stand. We mature by spending time in God’s word, allowing its Truth to sink in and penetrate and change our thinking.

As we are deeply rooted in the Word, we’ll find our thoughts and beliefs changing. I know, we all want God to wave his magic wand and heal us instantly, but believe me, those healings seldom stick. Not because God fails, but because we don’t have the deep roots to sustain the healing. Instant healing is like winning the lottery. Without the skills to maintain it, the person ends up in worse shape and discouraged to boot. But if we continue to grow and renew our minds, we’ll find that we progressively heal. Little by little (see Deut 7:22). And because it’s gradual, we can better sustain it. The roots take hold. We change our thinking and become a different person. Progressively. And that’s maturity. The ability to make the right choices at the right time for the right reasons. To make the hard choices and stick with them. To do the hard thing. To contend for the healing we need.

So here are some questions to ponder over the holidays.

·      Are you maturing splendidly?
·      Are you becoming the person God created you to be?
·      What needs to change in 2012?

How can we help you reach your goals?
Pat J. Sikora 
Mighty Oak Ministries
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