March 1-3 2018
Why Didn’t You Warn Me
Obstacles to Healing
How to Talk so Others will Listen

March 21-28, 2018
Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference
Survival Tips for the Wilderness Journey: When the Itinerary You’re on Isn’t the One You Signed up For
What to Do While Waiting: Strategies for Fallow Ground
Critique Groups that Work

Train Your Leaders

Pat is available to train small group and other leaders in your congregation. Below are just a few of Pat’s workshops designed for training seminars and conferences for leaders of all types. For topics in other areas of expertise, visit Mighty Oak Ministries.

Pat is always happy to work with a conference director or staff member to tailor a workshop or complete retreat to meet your needs. All workshops feature a combination of personal experience integrated with the Word of God. Her workshops encourage personal application and audience participation.

Target Audience: Adult leaders and prospective leaders

What Are We Doing Here?

Can small groups really make a permanent difference in someone’s life? Listen to the stories of several people who would answer a hearty yes. This workshop is a good introduction to the ministry of small groups in a full day or weekend training session.

(45 to 75 minutes)

From Here to Maturity

What is maturity and how can we reach it? From Here to Maturity discusses the Biblical concept of Christian maturity and how this character can be best developed within a small group. The objective of this workshop is to help the participants identify and incorporate these elements in their small group and their lives.

(70 to 90 minutes)

Who Me? A Leader?

Have you been asked to lead a small group, or perhaps you are responsible for selecting small group or ministry leaders. This workshop discusses seven characteristics of a leader, with the objective of enabling you to identify those attributes that will assure effective leadership in yourself or others.

(60 to 75 minutes)

Why Didn’t You Warn Me?

Do you have challenging people in your small group? Dear people who have personal or behavioral problems that challenge your leadership skills? This talk provides step-by-step tips for handling several types of challenging members.

(60 to 120 minutes. With 90 minutes or longer, we can include a delightful interactive exercise.)

Before You Begin

This workshop discusses details to consider before your first small group meeting to assure that people feel welcome and prepared for as you start your study. The emphasis is on logistical issues. This workshop is best included in a full day or weekend of leadership training rather than as a stand-alone.

(60 to 75 minutes)

Hey! I’m a Leader!

This workshop addresses the importance of preparing for the first meeting and some fundamentals of managing the group. This very practical workshop is designed primarily for the first time small group leader. This workshop is best included in a full day or weekend of leadership training rather than as a stand-alone.

(60 to 75 minutes)

Keys to Changed Lives

Once you have structured your group using the elements for maturity, there are several other essential elements to incorporate in leading any small group. These keys will assist you in bringing each member to maturity in Jesus Christ. This workshop discusses each of these elements and provides examples to assist both the new and experienced leader.

(70 to 90 minutes)

Learning by the Book

Regardless of the type or structure of a small group, it is important that the Word of God be your foundation. The workshop discusses six factors to consider in selecting a study guide to purchase or in writing your own material. Participants will understand how to evaluate a study guide in relation to the needs of their groups.

(60 to 70 minutes)

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