Baby Boomers: A Complex Generation

Baby Boomers: A Complex Generation

(This is the first in a three part series on ministering to Baby Boomers).

People born between 1946 and 1964 are known as baby Boomers. Born in the 18 years following World War II, Boomers have been until recently the largest and most influential generation in history, making them known as the “me” generation. From the beginning, they’ve been convinced they’re special.

As the wave of Boomers passed through the years, they created a demographic bulge that impacted every area of society. Schools were too small, requiring new construction. Manufacturers discovered Boomers when they were yet children, directing both production and advertising toward them.

Boomers are the rebellious generation, rejecting and redefining traditional values. They made Rock and Roll, the Beatles, fast cars, the hippy movement, drugs, free love, the women’s movement, abortion, and gay tolerance part of American culture. American Boomers are the first generation to grow up with television. And the first wave of Boomers are the Vietnam generation, fighting a war that we didn’t win, and returning to the disdain of their peers.

They genuinely believed that as they grew up, the world would improve. As the first divorce generation, they divorced and remarried. They raised children, often without a cultural moral compass. And now, there are 79 million Boomers ages 50 to 68 who are still making an impact on American society.

Wednesday: Characteristics of Baby Boomers

Photo Credit: Jim Reynolds

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