3 Essentials for Disciple-Making: Ask Good Questions | Part 3

October 9, 2015 | Comments Off on 3 Essentials for Disciple-Making: Ask Good Questions | Part 3

The first element of discipleship is asking good questions. (See the introduction to this article here.)

Disciple-Making: Asking Good Questions

Disciple-Making: Asking Good Questions

Ask Good Questions

Whether you’re doing a prepared study in a small group or simply handling new believer questions, it’s important to ask good questions. Good questions move the conversation forward, call disciples to discover truth for themselves, require disciples to apply what they know of Scripture, challenge faulty worldviews, and keep disciples coming back for more. Of course, these are good tips for all small-group leaders. But if you have baby or immature Christians in your group, good questions become crucial.

Avoid Yes or No Answers
Questions that require only a yes, no, or other one-word answer won’t do much to facilitate conversation or discipleship. You’ll learn a lot more about disciples and their thought processes if you ask questions that require longer answers. Then you’ll be able to spot where their thinking goes off base, and thus be better able to offer insights.

Avoid Shaming
Any questions that could potentially shame disciples should be avoided—and watch your responses that could potentially shame. New believers, and even those who have been believers a long time, often have odd understandings of the faith. Rather than saying, “No, that’s wrong” or “How could you think that?” try asking, “Hmm, what do you think Paul would say to that?” or “Where do we read that in Scripture?” Point them back to Scripture to discover the truth for themselves in a way that encourages and empowers them rather than shames them.

Meet Disciples Where They Are
In the beginning, I had little interest in doctrine. I needed to know who Peter’s mother was (seriously!) and why I had to change my lifestyle. These leaders didn’t push me. They graciously answered my questions and gently led me to the more important issues of the faith. Today when I’m discipling someone either individually or in a group, I usually know pretty quickly what their issue is and what they need to do about it. But I don’t beat them over the head with it. (At least I try not to.) I let them take the lead, and gradually ask questions that move them to the deeper issues.

Read Part 4 on Monday.

This article was originally published on SmallGroups.com.


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