Charts on the Book of Hebrews

April 2, 2013 | Comments Off on Charts on the Book of Hebrews

Charts on the Book of Hebrews

Wow! Wow! WOW! Did I say, “Wow!” First of all, I love the book of Hebrews. I’ve taught it and would teach it again in a minute. Especially with this book. Kregel Academic has several of these charts books, but I’ve never seen one before. You can be sure that from now on, a Charts book will be my first stop. So why do I love it?

(Remember, I’m a geek…) Charts on the Book of Hebrews by Herbert W. Bateman IV is 266 pages of charts. Charts on the book of Hebrews. Charts on the various theories of authorship. Charts on destination, recipients, and dating. Charts on genre and structure. Charts on canonicity. Charts on Old Testament quotes and allusions. Charts on the Jewish Cultic System. Charts on the Second Temple and the priesthood. Charts on theological themes in Hebrews. Charts on interpretive issues and textual issues. And more. Much more.

The thing I love about the chart structure is that there are no wasted words. No prose to wade through. When I’m prepping to lead a study, I seldom have time to read or even skim through a bunch of commentaries. And even if I did, how would I fit in all I’ve learned? (I always over-prepare and then am frustrated I can’t share it all). With this book, I can scan for the info I need. Quickly. And if I take it to group with me, I have a handy, easy-to-use reference.

Check it out. It you’re a serious (or even semi-serious) bible study leader, you will love this book.


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