Does your small group have people who have problems praying? Or perhaps you’re feeling that your prayer life isn’t satisfying. Perhaps you have tried and tried to have a “quiet time” and feel like a failure. Here’s a book that can help you.

I just read Praying with the Grain: How Your Personality Affects the Way You Pray by Dr. Pablo Martinez, a medical doctor and psychiatrist practicing in Barcelona. Martinez offers insights into how our temperament, personality, and circumstances affect both how we pray and what we pray.

He says that temperament is genetic and hereditary, so it can be changed, but only to a certain extent. A good portion of the book is devoted to addressing the preferences and weaknesses of those on the introvert/extrovert and thinking/sensing scales. I found that most of his observations were consistent with my knowledge of the Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI). He shows how each temperament and personality type can best pray, and which prayer strategies may frustrate that kind of person. He also gives tips for overcoming common prayer obstacles, like “I don’t feel God’s presence” or “I can’t pray in public.”

I recommend this book for leaders as well as for individuals. If you want to improve your prayer life or that of your small group members, you’ll find this book useful.

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