How’s your Prayer Life?

March 3, 2011 | Comments Off on How’s your Prayer Life?

How’s the prayer time in your small group? Is it something you look forward to or groan at? Are you seeing answers or do you assume that even God is bored? Here’s a resource that will help you. Evaluating Prayer in Your Small Group is a new assessment tool from And I have two articles in it.

The first is called “Finding Time to Pray” and offers both an assessment and several tips to make sure that your group’s prayer time isn’t short-changed. The other is one that I’m excited about. It describes a prayer log that is organized by person rather than by date. This log revolutionized the prayer in one small group I led, and is something I return to frequently.

The download includes seven other articles, assessment, and evaluations to perk up the prayer time in your group. Check it out!

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