Care for the Fragile During This Season

October 26, 2009 | Comments Off on Care for the Fragile During This Season

If you have challenging people in your group or church, this could be a difficult couple of weeks for them. Most Christians don’t understand the spiritual realities of the Halloween season and therefore, don’t understand how fragile some wounded people can be.  There is a definite correlation between how severely a person was wounded in childhood and how challenging (or challenged) they are in adulthood. All forms of abuse—physical, emotional, sexual, and ritual–do open doors for demonic affliction, and that affliction seems to be more pronounced during the period of October 13 through November 4, which is the prime “holy” period in Satanism, Wicca, and other non-Christian cults.

So what do you look for? People who are being afflicted during this season may:

•    Have more physical illnesses or accidents.
•    Experience more negative or fragile emotions or a sense of agitation.
•    Dissociate, lose time, or express unreasonable fears.
•    Be strangely triggered by displays of Halloween symbols, especially if these are associated with a church.
•    Increased violence or violent thoughts.
•    Suicide attempts, cutting, or self-harm.

If people you know are experiencing such reactions, it would be helpful to educate yourself about the pagan and demonic origins of the holiday and how to better serve those you care about. If I can answer questions for you, post them in the comment section. You can also download my e-book to learn the history of this holiday, the way it’s celebrated in some cults, and the role of the church in light of this information. Warning: It contains some information on Ritual Abuse that may be triggering to survivors with this background.

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