What Happens Here Stays Here

June 30, 2008 | Comments Off

I had an experience a while back that’s been chewing at me. It deals with confidentiality, which as you know is a huge issue in small groups. When I’m leading a group, I always have members sign a group covenant that includes a confidentiality clause and then I remind them periodically of the importance of […]

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David Foster has a great post called “Why Small Groups as a Program is an Utter Failure.” He makes some great points and the discussion in the comments is fascinating. Foster points out something I see a lot as I work with churches. It seems that small groups are often merely programs unattached to the […]

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Another Crazy Month!

June 18, 2008 | Comments Off

Seems like things haven’t changed since my last, long-ago post. We got home from Mom’s in time for me to attend my seminary class. I’m in an extension program, so my class met four times this past quarter, interspersed with all of my travels. Because of the travel, I was behind on reading and assignments, […]

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